Makeover Madness

Makeover Madness project
I have been wanting to this for quite a while now and I am so glad I am finally doing it! I am trying to create a before/after gallery for this site. I am currently enlisting my friends to volunteer for me as my makeover models.

For the ladies, I am doing everything from natural to all out glam.
For the gentlemen, I will mostly focused on skin tone correction and maybe light sculpting.

The before and after photos will go side by side and will be published only on my website. Reason I am doing this is not because I need more clients; in fact I already have a very robust clientele, I am just looking to add more stuff to the portfolio. I am so excited for this! i hope it will turn out well and everyone will walk away from this with a wonderful experience, and who doesn’t love makeover photos? I always think it’s such a great idea, so this is my turn to do something fun and exciting!