Asian brides

This weekend I had two back to back Asian brides. My first bride is Michelle, who opt for a more glamours, dramatic lips and eyes look for her wedding. Those red lips will look timeless and so elegant in photos. My second client is bride-to-be Stephanie for consultation, who really wanted me to create more depth with her eyes without looking like she’s wearing a whole lot of makeup, and wanted a muted fusia color for lips (great color btw, as it makes teeth look whiter!)





Busy wedding season coming soon!

Hi everyone, I’ve been so swamped during the last few weeks of grad school and trying to do as many things as once! My May and June are completely booked with weddings and events during the weekends.  I am also graduating on the 18th! How exciting!

After grad school, I am not sure if I’ll continue doing makeup professionally.  Reason being is that once I get a full-time job and relocating to a different city, trying to pick up clients and start doing makeup again on the side will be tough.  However, during grad school, I’ve really enjoyed my part-time job as a makeup artist.  It not only brought in good side cash for broke college student like me, I also had loads of fun doing it.

Here is Amy, my friend who I did makeup for recently. she wanted a subtle smokey eye but no lashes.