Consult with Stefanie bride-to-be

Today I had the pleasure of doing a bridal consult on Stefanie.  She is actually a professional wedding planner as well!  She wanted a vibrant purple eye shadow with some bright colors on the inner corners of the eyes to make it pop.  Stefanie really wanted a pop of color to match her outgoing fun personality.  As for her wedding, her colors are blue and purple.

For brides, I think adding a pop of color to your eye shadow is definitely something fun and great way to express your personality, not that I have anything against neutral palettes.  However, to keep things elegant and tasteful, I would recommend like what Stefanie has here, choose to express your zest with a statement color.  In terms of her lashes, I gave Stefanie the recommendation to go for fuller lashes so that it’ll show up in pictures better.  When I first showed her the faux lashes, she was a bit skeptical because they were really “big”, but because it was a natural finish with an invisible adjustable band, I told her to give it a try.  The lashes fit perfectly into her existing lash line without looking like she’s wearing faux lashes. Needless to say, she was happy that I made her go for the bigger set of lashes.




4 thoughts on “Consult with Stefanie bride-to-be

  1. So lovely!!! I’m a total makeup noob, and was wondering how many and what kind of eyeshadows did you use? I love that pink-orchid-purple color, it’s so pretty! Is it one eyeshadow or did you blend different ones? I just started learning about eyeshadows this week!

    • Hi Carol
      Thanks for stopping by. I probably used anywhere between 4-6 colors. I used one bright purple for majority of the lid, one lilac for the inner half of the lid, one white shimmer for the inner corners (which blends into the lilac and forming a pinkish tint), brown and black for the crease to create dimension. Depending on the highlight color you want under your brow, I normally like a matte white instead of a pearl shimmer white. So there you have it! Hope that helps!

      • Thank you for the reply! I think these photos of Stefanie are the *loveliest* I have seen anywhere online for asian eye makeup! I hope I can emulate this one day on myself.. wonderful work, so tasteful, elegant and artful!

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