Another photoshoot day

Today my stylist/Wonder Woman/hair wizard Ms. Jena Vue tagged team with me on a photoshoot for an Asian petite model’s portfolio building shoot. We did many different looks but I only remembered to take a couple of pictures towards the end of the shoot. It’s okay though because at least I am being more consistent with the documenting! Her makeup is pretty dramatic and heavy because of studio lighting (studio lighting is very bright and per photog’s request), but Jena did such a wonderful job on the hair that I had to show it off! And she is my go-to gal for hair up-dos because she is so fast and skilled that it’s a shame that I only get to use her whenever my clients request for a stylist. Maybe I should start including packaged deals! For her makeup, we did a really bold dark brown and glitter smoky eyes with ruby lips. Red lips and dramatic eyes are not a big no-no despite what some artists/stylists might tell you. I think if you feel that you can rock it, why the heck not? There are far worse crimes against artistry than doing a bold look such as that. Here are some photos, enjoy!