Lesson and wedding

This last weekend I had the pleasure of doing both a lesson and also a wedding in the same weekend.  My client was extremely happy with the results of the lesson – she had learned how to properly apply eye makeup on mono lids, and also learned how to create definition by using different colors to create the illusion of depth.

My second client for the weekend was Shannon.  She was a glowy bride who pretty much allowed me to do whatever I want as long as she will look glowy, natural, and beautiful.  She didn’t want anything heavy, and opted for a more neutral look.  Recently I had just purchased the Naked Palette from Urban Decay because of all the hype that’s been going on about what a great palette it is, so I thought I could try using only the eye shadow colors that palette on her.  Luckily for me, Shannon was totally cool about it and she liked the results!

I was pretty impressed with the palette as it offered a great range of neutral colors that I do think is very suitable for wedding makeup.  Of course, the UD palette wasn’t the only thing I used on Shannon.