How to work with mature skin

Last weekend Jena and I worked on a wonderful mother and daughter duo. It was for a very special occasion and we wanted to go for elegant glamorous but not too made-up looks. When it comes to working with the many different types of skin, it’s all about types of formulation with pigments and foundations, as well as technique. With more mature skin types, less is more when it comes to eye makeup, and my rule of thumb is avoid any shimmer or pearlescent eyeshadow like the bubonic plague. Reason why mature skin should never use eyeshadow that contains glittering pigments is because it will draw emphasis on to the wrong area, and instead of making you look younger, shimmery eyeshadow actually ages you. Always use matte finishes, and if there’s any shimmer to it, don’t use it, unless its to highlight your eye brow bone, and even then, use it with extreme caution.
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Wedding trial

Today we did Arlyn’s trial on the hottest day of the year! Arlyn has the best skin I have ever applied makeup! I had full creative control with the look, and by just talking to her for a little bit, I knew just the right look for her: nothing too dramatic, but glamorous enough to bring out her beautiful features. She also wanted to do a half up and half down hairstyle and she was very happy with the results, especially after having three different trials with others before coming to us!





Another photoshoot day

Today my stylist/Wonder Woman/hair wizard Ms. Jena Vue tagged team with me on a photoshoot for an Asian petite model’s portfolio building shoot. We did many different looks but I only remembered to take a couple of pictures towards the end of the shoot. It’s okay though because at least I am being more consistent with the documenting! Her makeup is pretty dramatic and heavy because of studio lighting (studio lighting is very bright and per photog’s request), but Jena did such a wonderful job on the hair that I had to show it off! And she is my go-to gal for hair up-dos because she is so fast and skilled that it’s a shame that I only get to use her whenever my clients request for a stylist. Maybe I should start including packaged deals! For her makeup, we did a really bold dark brown and glitter smoky eyes with ruby lips. Red lips and dramatic eyes are not a big no-no despite what some artists/stylists might tell you. I think if you feel that you can rock it, why the heck not? There are far worse crimes against artistry than doing a bold look such as that. Here are some photos, enjoy!





Melanie’s Wedding

Last weekend I had the pleasure to do makeup for Melanie’s wedding.  It was a super crazy weekend, especially having never been to Bella Vista (a gorgeous beautiful secluded bed and breakfast in Placerville), with no cell phone reception, it was kind of scary when I had to drive an hour out of Sacramento to meet with my bride the day before her big day.  My bride had to deal with all the last minute stuff and ended up being late to the consult – so we had very little time to do her makeup trial run before her rehearsal dinner.  Next morning, I arrived at the B&B at 8:00am sharp and got ready to do makeup for 7 ladies! Normally I would get an assistant but since I had plenty of time (get everyone done before 12:00pm), I just pretty much did the whole thing myself. I felt like a champ after.  This was a fun day to do makeup because I got to do all kinds of skin tone and textures and age group.  The ladies of this wedding party wanted really light makeup.  So this is what I ended up doing.   Let me know what you think! The bride is the first photo.

Here is the maid of honor

Consult with Stefanie bride-to-be

Today I had the pleasure of doing a bridal consult on Stefanie.  She is actually a professional wedding planner as well!  She wanted a vibrant purple eye shadow with some bright colors on the inner corners of the eyes to make it pop.  Stefanie really wanted a pop of color to match her outgoing fun personality.  As for her wedding, her colors are blue and purple.

For brides, I think adding a pop of color to your eye shadow is definitely something fun and great way to express your personality, not that I have anything against neutral palettes.  However, to keep things elegant and tasteful, I would recommend like what Stefanie has here, choose to express your zest with a statement color.  In terms of her lashes, I gave Stefanie the recommendation to go for fuller lashes so that it’ll show up in pictures better.  When I first showed her the faux lashes, she was a bit skeptical because they were really “big”, but because it was a natural finish with an invisible adjustable band, I told her to give it a try.  The lashes fit perfectly into her existing lash line without looking like she’s wearing faux lashes. Needless to say, she was happy that I made her go for the bigger set of lashes.



Asian brides

This weekend I had two back to back Asian brides. My first bride is Michelle, who opt for a more glamours, dramatic lips and eyes look for her wedding. Those red lips will look timeless and so elegant in photos. My second client is bride-to-be Stephanie for consultation, who really wanted me to create more depth with her eyes without looking like she’s wearing a whole lot of makeup, and wanted a muted fusia color for lips (great color btw, as it makes teeth look whiter!)