How to work with mature skin

Last weekend Jena and I worked on a wonderful mother and daughter duo. It was for a very special occasion and we wanted to go for elegant glamorous but not too made-up looks. When it comes to working with the many different types of skin, it’s all about types of formulation with pigments and foundations, as well as technique. With more mature skin types, less is more when it comes to eye makeup, and my rule of thumb is avoid any shimmer or pearlescent eyeshadow like the bubonic plague. Reason why mature skin should never use eyeshadow that contains glittering pigments is because it will draw emphasis on to the wrong area, and instead of making you look younger, shimmery eyeshadow actually ages you. Always use matte finishes, and if there’s any shimmer to it, don’t use it, unless its to highlight your eye brow bone, and even then, use it with extreme caution.
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